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After having ramped up for the Plastic Straw ban coming into effect in April 2020, we were faced with our business coming to a halt due to the CoronaVirus lockdown. We therefore redesigned our factory and are now producting a disposable Face Visor called The EnviroVisor +.

Please see below link from ITN news on the 9th July showing Keir Stamer using our EnviroVizor + during a factory visit in Essex:


Our product received CE certification the 20th April 2020 and we are now producing 500,000 visors per week. Please see below for our full EnviroVisor Product Range:

Off course we are continuing to produce Paper Straws. The main interest at the moment is for Individually Wrapped Paper Straws. 

Please let us know if we can help with either one of our product lines.

BRC approval

We are proudly BRC - AA Certified

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